Water Under the Bridge

The old iron railing on the footbridge which I crossed on my walk this week will be familiar to those who saw my posts a couple of weeks ago about my previous walk on this route. I wasn’t originally going to include the sound clip below because it’s just water flowing under the bridge – but then on listening to it again, I changed my mind!

The sounds of that flow have three distinct stages: the first part has a lot of bubbly texture to it, including trickles and tickles, gloops and bloops, splashes and plashes (in preference to more technical language), the second is more even with those highlights less noticeable, and the ambience of the third stage has greater weight on the right hand speaker but with a gloopy base returning in the background – and then the sound fades to my footsteps climbing a dry leafy slope.


Water Under the Bridge

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    • As with my StillWalks videos you need to allow / make the time to focus on them in order to gain the benefits. Whenever you are able I hope you enjoy the various textures of this short clip. Thank you Janet.

  1. I always enjoy your attention to sound, Alastair, and this sound clip was a true joy. For us in California where flowing water is a miracle, the abundance of this water was completely refreshing. Enjoyed your description, and recognized the different phases too. Great post!

    • Thanks very much Jet – I am really pleased you enjoyed it. I think we here in south Wales would be very happy to swap some of our rain for your sunshine. Having said that, we have had a sustained period of dry weather here now for some time. By sustained, I mean a few weeks which is truly remarkable as in Wales that term normally refers to rain – i.e. it was, it is or it’s going to! lol
      I am still enjoying your book by the way – it provides a great sense of place so that although I have not been to San Francisco, I can imagine it clearly. The details of everyday life make a big difference. Thanks.

      • I enjoyed reading this comment, hearing about rain in Wales, Alastair. And truly appreciate the book feedback. I am delighted you’re enjoying the new book.

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