What a Lot of Wattle – Fencing at Llys Nini

Wattle fences are becoming common at Llys Nini Animal Centre.

One of the many woodland jobs carried out as part of Llys Nini Animal Centre woodland management is the building of wattle fences. The woodland is managed by Phil Morgan and it is he, along with an extensive team of adult volunteers and visiting school children, who create these wonderful pieces of weaving in the natural environment.

This abandoned section of wattle fencing I came across in one of the fields next to the woods, gave me some great subject matter for my photography. I love its unwinding form and apparent keenness to get back to the earth.

Wattle fence

wattle fence detail

Wattle Fence

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  1. Great photos. I love the art of creating fencing like this, it is part of what creates the beauty of the landscape. The top photo to me is like nature coming out of the earth to provide us with materials to shape our land. The fences become art sculptures themselves.

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