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What’s Left Behind – Jetsam and Ice

In this my third and last post for my walk this week I am looking at some of what is left behind by both recent weather conditions and humans – the ice and jetsam scattered in the river and around the frozen woodland in a semi urban / industrial area.

ice bubbles

The ice was not yet melting but had created strange bubble-like forms around old reeds at the river’s edge.  Also at the edge of the Afon Llan was a collection of abandoned shopping trolleys tangled up with bits of wood swept downstream and caught up in their old metal mesh. These was in keeping with the old wheels I found in the frozen woodland bog earlier in my walk.

The cold weather, ice and just a sprinkling of snow had changed the landscape – perhaps not to the extent that a thick blanket of snow would have done, but I still found that the soundscape was different to what I would expect in such an environment. Aside from the bitter east wind my walk was quiet – quieter than it should have been given the nearby urban  / industrial townscape.

The reason for this seemed to be the heavy snow that had fallen in just about every other area of Wales and the UK. Deliveries could not be made and people could not get to work or just didn’t want to go out in the cold (apart from a few hardy dog walkers). So my sound recording for this walk reflects this and although you may not be able to tell that it is any different to normal, trust me, it is.

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    • Yes, I agree. Objectively the trolley still creates interesting shapes and patterns but personally, the people who dump this stuff really annoy me.

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