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My Walk this Week – Icy Textures

My walk this week is another cold one around the lake at The Waterside – Felindre. It was very icy and the range of textures within that ice was fascinating. We had been led to believe there would be snow but as you can see, the forecasts were wrong for this little pocket of the country and a light dusting was all we got.

The Waterside in Winter

This was another short walk as my hands felt as though they would fall off with the cold and it was only a new pair of gloves knitted by my daughter that allowed me take the photos. Taking a close look at the various ice formations revealed glossy bubble-like ice something like jigsaw pieces, fussy frothing ice that could spilled out of a washing machine, opaque, cracked, stippled ice, smooth flowing sheets of ice and milky ice half frozen ice punctuated by old broken reeds.

The second image below can also be seen in (full) monochrome later this week in Leanne Cole’s photography blog post MM 200.

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  1. Brrr and brrr. It looks so frigid there, Alastair. Thanks for taking the time to freeze your fingers and take these marvelous photos. I so enjoyed seeing the textures and water play of the landscape. Glad you have gloves that your daughter made, this was the warmest part of the post. Loved the warm and the icy too, my friend–

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