Woodland Comfort – Fallen Tree Bedroom

My walk this week goes back to May 2010 which is before the time that this screen of hanging tendrils from a fallen tree formed a curtain for the space beneath. It was being used as a shelter/bivouac/bedroom by a person I never saw. There was only the evidence of him being there in the form of blankets, beer cans and burnt wood from his camp fire.

As an unofficial inhabitant of the forest, he was there for quite a while and though I suspect living rough in a forest wasn’t what he wanted in life, it may also have been a choice made in preference to sleeping on the streets and will certainly have been more mentally healthy than some of the alternatives . . . but who can say what his circumstances were?

Eventually the evidence was cleared away and the site is now back to its normal cyclical condition of death and growth without the intervention of man.



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