Towards a Forest Exit – Reviewing the Walk

Towards a forest exit

You can just see some evidence of civilisation in the form of a building at the end of this tunnel of forest growth in the image above. The indication is that I am approaching an exit of the forest on this walk from back in May 2010. Seven years ago I had not quite launched StillWalks – it was still in development (as it continues to be) and as such, almost all the images in this walk sequence are in portrait format rather than landscape (needed for video).

I also found that I have no field recording in my archive from this specific walk and so the soundscape below, while being from the end of May, is in fact from 2015. I wonder how different a recording made in 2010 would have been? I have no images shot on the day of the recording below but the fact that I gave the file the name of Peaceful Forest suggests that it would have been similar to the conditions that can be seen in the photos of the walk in 2010.

Click the play button below and then the first of the image thumbnails to look through selected photos from the walk. To read the whole story of the walk you will have to have read the other posts about it this week.

Forest Walk Soundscape – Peaceful Forest

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