Countryside Circular – Reviewing the Walk

My walk this week was not quite circular but the end point at then of this Cwm Dulais track is only a few hundred metres from my starting point for the walk.

Cwm Dulais track

Cwm Dulais track

The soundscapes I have been producing to accompany these weekly walk review posts have mostly been about 4 minutes long – this one however, is nearly 9.5 minutes. I expect to be producing a StillWalks video of this walk but once I have selected all the images I want for the walk sequence (approx 60 stills), I will need to rearrange the soundscape to work with them. This soundscape below is purely an auditory experience – click and play in the background or sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the full experience -you could try wearing headphones to catch all the subtleties of this aural environment.

Autumn Circular Walk Soundscape

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    • Thanks Amy – I’m pleased you enjoyed the longer than usual soundscape. There was just too much I didn’t want to leave out on this quite peaceful walk

  1. Really a delightful listening experience, Alastair. Your recording, matched with the actual photos, makes for a unique walk. I liked the footfalls, gates latching (and the rusty one!), the running stream. The trotting horse was especially wonderful. Thanks so much~~

    • Thanks again Jet I used to do two linear versions of this walk but by extending it slightly I was able to make it a circular one with the advantage of taking in both hill and valley. The sounds are some of my favourites.

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