My Walk this Week – Early Morning Seafront

How early is early? For my walk this week along Aberavon seafront in south Wales, it seemed more like nigh time when I started out – it was certainly dark when I left the house but it wasn’t very early, about 7.45. That is perhaps to be expected at this time of year and I guess the murky weather I met with on arrival at the seafront could also be considered normal in this part of the world.

I wasn’t the only one about though, despite the dark sea fret covering the beach.

Aberavon Beach

Seafret and Bird

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  1. I enjoyed this walk this morning, Alastair, thank you for bringing us along. I liked the recording, too — so blissfully quiet. I have never heard of sea fret, but I looked it up. Not only was this a quiet and picturesque walk, I learned something too! Thank you.

    • Thanks very much Jet. It is a great pleasure to bring these aspects of my walks to others. It was a gloomy morning but the atmosphere was enhanced for it.

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