valley fog

Sunlight, Sheep and Fog

Gaining the top of the hill on my walk this week from fog to sunlight, I was followed by a flock of hopeful sheep looking expectantly at me – I suspect the farmer was due or perhaps the sheep though he was overdue!

Goppa sheep

My route took me past familiar objects both natural and man made. The rhododendrons perhaps have an element of both – they are natural but not native to the UK and can take over a whole hillside as they have in this location. I don’t personally have a problem with them but diversity is probably better than a monoculture. Perhaps if we could stop interfering in nature, trying to control it, it would just get on with things naturally and we’d all be better off. (Oh dear, following on from my last post, is this going to be a walk of rants?)

Never mind, my walk was still a very enjoyable one and it was very good to feel the sunshine instead of the fog. The final part of the walk and its soundscape will be in the next post.

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