My walk this week was slightly unexpected. I had gone to explore the docks area in Swansea Bay but found no access due to gates and security fencing. However, as I moved on I found a footpath edging a part of Swansea University Bay Campus still under construction. On one side of the path I enjoyed the effect of perspective on the site fence, while on the other the textures I found in the bare nature of the season.

Winter nature

So while I had expected an industrial walk in the docks, instead I got a mixture of nature and man made construction. The nature was partly in the form of a bitterly cold wind for which I was not adequately dressed but the patterns and colours of the developing buildings were fascinating and it was odd to see these modular structures being pieced together.

My preference may be for the natural but the angles created by cranes, the suspension of pre-fabricated units hanging in mid air and the almost psychedelic mauve of another half constructed building, provided me with much visual entertainment.

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