Charge of the Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo charge

Not far into my walk this week at Skanda Vale in Carmarthenshire I came upon a field of water buffalo. I think I was taken as much by surprise as they were but perhaps I shouldn’t have been considering the road sign featuring an elephant (see yesterday’s post).Anyway, they quickly gathered together and looked at me defensively until one decided to charge which, in spite of the gate between us, made me step back and carry on my way without disturbing them any more than I could.

The ground underfoot on this walk was very lush and green and quite normal for Wales at this time of year. Having said that, this year has been very dry so far and I think we are all just waiting for the torrential downpours that are bound to come with the changing climate. On the day of this walk the weather conditions had everything in store for me, sun, rain and wind – all can seen and heard in the soundscape at the end of the week.

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  1. whoa, that’s a mean-looking crowd to share the trail with. Good thing there was a fence there. Great action photo, Alastair! And I also enjoyed the sweet buttercups, bluebells, and ferns.

    • Thanks Jet. They certainly came as a surprise to me and looked aggressive too. When the (clear) leader started charging I made a hasty retreat regardless of the fence being there. Wales is very green and luscious just now, especially as we have now moved from a unusually prolonged dry period back to the normal rainfall!

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