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An Evening with Marsh Grass

The tall marsh grass I enjoyed so much on my walk this week was enhanced by the beautiful evening light and the high tide which flows far up the River Loughor from the estuary. On this evening the level was perfect for a walk – not so high as to cover the surrounding marshes, but high enough to make the river brimful.

Riverside Marsh Grass

The result is a smooth mirror in the middle of the landscape, one that reflects all above and around it – the colours of the sunset and the riverside grasses. The surface was broken only by an occasional breeze and the odd fish jumping for the insects hovering and speeding about above. The moon, too, made a peaceful appearance!

The monochrome image below can also bee seen on Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post MM 207.

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  1. Thanks for taking us to this incredibly peaceful spot, Alastair. Enveloped by rich, sun-setting colors, with only a slight breeze, and the distant bird chatter. Enjoyed your photos, sound clip, description (love the “odd fish jumping”), the reflection and surrounding scenery.

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