Canal Crossings

Canal Crossings and A Reeding List

The shapes and forms, colours and textures, light and shade of todays images from my walk this week along the Tennant Canal in Swansea, reflect both the weather conditions and the time of year. The various structures crossing the canal provided me with different views of the water and the reeds along the banks had thinned somewhat and reminded me of a list – a list of leaves or indeed, a reeding list!

Canal Containment

I love the “containment” of water reflections created by the shadows of the low railway bridge and the jigsaw of colourful stones mirrored by the canal’s still surface.

I am sure that my regular followers must know by now how I like to play with words, but the sparse arrangement of leaves on the reeds really did make me think of lines of text or lists of words. And so it wasn’t much of a leap to see the individual reed as a haiku or a form of visual poetry. The leaves (lines) are aligned to the right . . . but you can do that in poetry if you want!

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  1. Truly loved the play on words and the reeding list, Alastair. What a beautiful canal with the old weathered crossing, the foot bridge, and the delicate leaves of the reeds. I especially enjoyed the canal reflections and the containment, the geometric shape that resulted. A peaceful pleasure here, and artistic enjoyment much appreciated.

    • So glad you enjoyed my walk again Jet. I admit to getting amusement from playing with words and wondered if anyone would think at first that my spelling wasn’t up to scratch. No catching you out though

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