Dark Mirror

Dark Still Mirror and Expanding Ripples

My walk this week took me under and over a number of structures spanning the Tennant Canal – railway track, vehicle track, road, motorway, footbridge and gantry. Underneath these the sound changed and the dark mirror that was the still water of the canal was broken by expanding ripples as drips dripped from the structures above.

expanding ripples

Walking over the gantry and footbridge gave me a slightly elevated view of the of the woodland reflections in the dark water. That does not mean the water was dark, in fact it was beautifully clear. Autumn leaves could be seen on the bed of the canal but that bed was also dark with silt as well the reflected patterns making up the underside of the bridges.

Intriguing objects were to be found as remnants from past constructions and now used to persuade walkers not to venturing onto the land beyond or into the woods. This was a little frustrating but they did their job well enough and kept me on track to explore the intimacies of my more immediate surroundings.

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  1. Wonderful title, gorgoeus photos. I particularly like ‘Dark Mirror’ with the light catching the grasses on the far bank. It has a magical fairy feel.
    And rust! Yes, I do love a bit of rust – the combination of rust and moss – something very satisfying about that.

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