Old Copperopolis

Copperopolis 2b – Holes in the Walls

Moving from the abandoned windows of old Copperopolis to holes in the walls of this historical aspect of Swansea, I found it difficult to understand the confusing perspective of some of the multi-layered gaps in the facades of the buildings.

Holes in the Wall

I have photographed this building before but only from the other side of the River Tawe and it was good to get a closer look at its abandoned state. Those holes in the wall appear decorative in design but their shape may have had a specific function – who knows?

Walking along the footpath from one area of the old industrial site to another brought me towards the River Tawe which played a major role in the copper and coal industry back in its heyday. The buildings across the road had a Hafod Copperworks sign outside but the Hafod and Morfa works combined in 1924 to become the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks. There is a fascinating animated video on the website showing the history and operations of the site.

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  1. Beautiful brickwork, Alastair, and an interesting question about the function of the round wall holes. We don’t have too many brick walls in Calif. these days, because they’re so dangerous in earthquakes, so I loved looking at it here.

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