My Walk This Week – Copperopolis Part 2a, Windows

My walk this week completes my exploration of Copperopolis and today I am focusing on the empty abandoned windows of the old buildings of the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks which closed in 1980.

Copperopolis 2-1

As I walked through the nature that has grown up around and in the old buildings since 1980, I found myself fascinated by the range of empty windows. Some were filled with breeze blocks while others presented the green growth within or the skeletal frameworks of remaining floors and ceilings. I felt a strange sensation on looking into these spaces, an imagined memory of the people and activities that may have taken place there. Is there any remnant left of their molecules clinging to the stonework or new grown foliage? The connection may only be in my mind and the scant knowledge I hold of the history of the industry carried out there, but that is still a connection!

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