Flowing Along

Another small detour I took from the suburban footpath I have been walking along this week took me to the Afon Lliw. This is a river I have studied in detail – to be accurate I should say that I have documented children studying the flow in detail . . . from source to sea. The project I was involved in was Our River and you can see all eight chapters of the videos made here on the StillWalks website.


I took the detour to the river in order to try recording the flow of water for a blog project currently run by Allysse at Beste Glatisant  where she is prompting people to listen to and record a different kind of sound each month. So the sound of the River Lliw (or Afon Lliw in Welsh) can be heard on her blog or on SoundCloud and it will also form part of my soundscape for this weeks walk in tomorrow’s post.

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