Footsteps in the Sand

Rhosilli Bay, at the end of the Gower Peninsula, is a great place to walk. The cliffs above the bay extend out to the Worm’s Head and can get busy on a weekend if the weather is good. The bay, however, like many of the large beaches on the South Wales coast, has the space to cope with a good number of visitors and not feel in the least crowded.

As with any beach, the patterns and textures in the sand change with different conditions and the shells, stones and rivulets underfoot create a range of sounds that all have the aural backdrop of the waves and the wind. The colourful rock of the cliffs (see yesterday’s post) reflect and amplify the sound of the sea but walking away from them allows the nuances of the crunch of tiny shells or the squish of soft wet sand to come through.

And above all that, the birds. Walking back up the cliff, even the smallest of birds can make themselves heard against the sound of the bay. You will need to watch the video at the end of this post to hear and see it all.

Coastal Walk Rhosilli-6

Coastal Walk Rhosilli-5

Rhosilli Rivulets

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  1. Great walk – beautiful images and really peaceful – (exhale). Loved the stairs stumbling down the hill and the mass of cliff and outcrops in the sea.

    • I guess we all try to do that in our own way – some more noticeably than others. The trick is for them (the footprints) to be noticeable to man but not to nature. As the sea will wash away the mark very quickly, perhaps it is also a symbol of the ideal. Then again, maybe I’m over thinking it all 🙂

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