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For the Love of Gates

On this last section of the third part of my walk above Cwmdu in Wales I had the enjoyment of going back through the gates I had passed through on my ascent of the valley – Cwm Sorgwm which lies between the Brecon Beacons and The Black Mountains.


I am sure there must be psychological significance to my enjoyment of gates (symbolic opportunities perhaps?), but one thing seems sure – whatever the type of gate it is, i get pleasure from all its aspects. Design, material, condition, placement but perhaps most enjoyable to me are the sounds they make. Whether they are squeaky and clanky metal ones or more softly spoken wooden styles or kissing gates, I always enjoy the sounds they make as I open, pass through and then close them.

There is a lovely groaning gate in the soundscape for this part of my walk which will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. I feel the same about gates. I’ve never articuleted it or heard any one else do so, so there is a kind of thrill to know that gates are a ‘thing’ to be loved – ha!ha! Really looking forward to you Soundscape.

      • Wow! just listened to it. I had not heard that before, brilliant idea. I personally have a problem with repetition after a while, so I loved the first half and then found it difficult to stay with, but I’m glad I did. I particularly love the inclusion of the robin. You had a shorter squeaky gate and latch sequence on your blog a while ago didn’t you – I remember that had a lovely ending to it too.

        • Mmm I’m not sure it’s right to have the second half as a repeat. It was only recently I was saying to someone that I don’t consider it a finished piece but rather a work in progress. Progression may take some time though. Glad you liked it

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