strata triangles

Living Rocks

Living rocks – you can take that term any way you like!

Yellow lichen

If “living rocks” refers to rocks living, then I guess evolving might be a better term in that they are changing over time albeit slowly. But as an environment for growth there can be no question that one aspect of these rocks is definitely living and that is the beautiful, colourful, hairy and blistery lichens that grow on their surface.

Whether growth on the surface or the evolution of pattern through erosion, the rocky surroundings on some of my walks while away in Scotland just blew my mind . . . so to speak. I know them well but never grow tired of them and it feels as though every visit reveals something new, even though the last thing these rocks and lichens are is new.

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  1. I really do like this series of studies in colours and textures and forms, proving that –if Nature really is the best artist — we still need someone else to skilfully frame the pictures and to curate the exhibition!

  2. I find lichen such interesting creatures, and your photos emphasize this well, Alastair. I also liked your strata photos. Amazing how beautiful rocks can be, isn’t it?

    • Thanks Jet – I think my favourite shot is the one of the lichen in the foreground and the rocks in perspective blur behind. Talk about a wacky hair day! (I mean the lichen of course lol)

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