Trackside wildflowers

Wildflowers – Selected Favourites

The wildflowers I have been posting images about this week were all photographed within a half mile along this coastal track in south west Scotland.

Coastal track

It will be hard to pick out my favourites but this may be partly helped by selecting not only the flowers I particularly like (all of them!) but also the photographs that I think work well for one reason or another.

I’m afraid I have no soundscape to accompany these photos but as the images are more about the flowers than the walk, I hope you will not miss this too much.


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  1. Honeysuckle for the scent, Pink Campion for the colour and Plantain for the ring of fairy dust left on the burnt out flower stalk from their night secret time haflas.

    • I have a articulated memory about playing with the plantain as a child. We called them “soldiers” and the game was to try and swipe the head off your opponent’s “soldier” with each taking turns to attempt it. Happy memories

      • Oh noooo! The nearest image of where the field in question was, is now Formula One Autocentres, Duston. So many fields have gone and are now built upon. Yet I can hear the words “People need homes”.

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