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Looking at Lavender on Leaving the Park

I think it was probably volunteers that planted this beautiful lavender in our local park, and a beautiful addition it makes  too! The park is managed and developed through a combination of the Friends of Coedbach Park and the Swansea City Parks Department and they’re doing a great job.


The park has many different features including two oak woods known locally as the first and second woods. They are divided by a driveway that leads past a playground, tennis courts, bowling green, BMX track and pond to the rugby club and playing fields. It is a very well used park with children, teenagers, parents and grandparents, dog walkers, schools, football and rugby teams all using it, as well as it being the final destination of the local annual carnival.

The Friends of Coedbach Park do a fantastic job of making the place even more user friendly by strategically placing benches and picnic tables, clearing the woods and planting lots of colourful flowers. It is a place I walk frequently, looking and listening to the thoughtfully managed natural surroundings.

I don’t have a soundscape for the park today but if you would like to hear one of the local song thrushes singing in from an oak tree, please visit the previous post.

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