My Walk this Week – Keeping To the Footpath, Following the Rules

My walk this week follows the rules and my local marsh footpath down to the old St Teilo’s churchyard. It is a walk I love and have done (and posted about) many times. But there is always something new to see as the the conditions are always different. One of the first things you come upon when leaving the park above the marshes is this metal gate notice telling you to “KEEP TO THE FOOTPATH”.

keep to the footpath

I’m not one for sticking to the rules but I am sure that, like me, most people walking here do keep to the footpath because it takes you were you want to go and follows a very attractive route. So when the rules do what you want them to, there is no need to rebel against them.

Since the cows have been kept away from this part of the marsh, the grasses have been able to grow tall again and they are wonderful to walk between with the swishing sound they make as the wind blows through them. There are so many birds in there too, and I apologise to them as I pass if I disturb them into flight. This is another benefit of not letting the cows roam completely freely on the marshes.

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