lambs looking back

Looking Back Down the Hill

Looking down isn’t always the best thing to do – certainly not if you want to see where you are going – but it is also necessary if you want to be able to see the details underfoot of where you are. In the case of the lambs in today’s featured image, looking back down the hill at me is a matter of curiosity, the curiosity of the young.

dewey web detail

Their mothers had led them up the hill away from me as I approached on the descending lane, but they halted half way up to check me out. I too halted many times on my walk, first to look and often then to photograph the details of my surroundings. Things like the mixed textures of the old bracken with new growth coming through or the beads of dew on a spider web in the grass – I find these things endlessly fascinating however many times I have seen them before.

I also stop to listen and record. The details of this walk’s soundscape include the everyday birds of the valley and hillside, the background sound of distant aircraft, the textures of the vegetation brushing against my feet as I walk and the clatters and bangs of the lorries running to and fro with deliveries  for the new Mynydd y Gwair wind farm.

There is the pheasant to heard in the distance as well but the best sound is that of the bees, attracted as they are by the mass rhododendrons.

Goppa in May Soundscape

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