new bracken

Rhododendrons Valley

Mauve and violet Rhododendrons used to almost fill one of our local valleys and although they were cut back significantly some years ago, my walk this week proves they are still there, and in much greater abundance than is shown in my photographs.

Rhododendron valley

The whole side of the valley used to be a mass of bright purple at this time of year and was a phenomenon to behold. I know rhododendrons are not native to Wales or the UK but, unlike Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam, I don’t generally have any issue with them, though I do understand the value of keeping them under some control.

The day was hot and sultry and the light showed the colour of the flowers even better than if it had been bright sunlight. The slightly muted light also helped me with other photographs like those of the new, unfurling bracken, though less so the wider landscape shots where the atmosphere masked the colour contrast.

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