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My Walk this Week 158 – Uphill from The Waterside

My walk this week is a welcome return to my friends Sue and Steve at The Waterside in a nearby Welsh valley where they have a beautiful lake and a fascinating herd of alpacas. I wanted to climb uphill from the lakeside to get more of an overview of the valley and the landscape around it. On this particular morning I had spent my time doing admin and taking a break in such a relaxing location was just what I needed.

bluebells on the hillside

Hillside by The Waterside

So after an enjoyable lunch on the First Friday open day in May I took myself off to look at the bluebells and blossom of the hill on the far side of the lake. The sun shone intermittently and the breeze blew over the top of the hill prompting creaks and squeaks from the trees lining the footpath, suggesting that in time there would be more wood scattered across the ground where their aging trunks could no longer withstand the elements.

The views were excellent, both in detail and distance, and I loved the lichen and the Springtime curlings of new fern shoots as well as the treetop vistas looking south and the upland landscapes to the north.

The Waterside Hillside Soundscape

I looked down on some of the alpacas and said hello to Owen on my way back down, and I could not resist sitting for a while on the hillside amongst the bluebells, listening to the birds and lambs and  the faint sound of voices and laughter from through the woods and across the lake.

So click the play button above and then the first thumbnail image below and you will see the full images in sequence on a larger scale (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader)



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