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My Walk this Week 243 – Winter Salt Marsh

My walk this week shows my local salt marsh in Winter. I know how much we enjoy and benefit from a bright sky and sunshine, but in Winter we have to, we must, try to see the beauty around us in different conditions. SAD is not a condition you want to fall prey to if it can be avoided.

This week I have video, sound and images to hopefully help you enjoy the relative gloom of overcast and wet conditions on my walk across the salt marsh to the old St Teilo’s churchyard and back to the fast thawing pond in the park.

You can only allow the weather to stop you going out for so long – then it becomes imperative that, regardless of rain or snow, you take the exercise and grab as much light as you can – if you are in a position to do so.

The video above obviously includes sound as well as the soundscape below but which one has the better pictures? That’s just a joke really, but it is certainly true that sound conjures up images for us and in the case of StillWalks® videos the soundscapes are the animator of the still images used – see the example on the website home page (Autumn Lakeside Walk). The home page has now been updated to show a short series of seasonal StillWalks videos.

Salt Marsh Soundscape
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  1. I’m enjoying your work very much, Alastair. With or without sound the scapes are evocative of other times and places, slower, quieter, less expectant. I’m a cold weather kinda gal – Hawaii & Fiji would be wasted on me. And the overcast skies (very reminiscent of what I se here in the Pacific Northwest) show us winter color better than a sun shiny day. Love walking along in good company. Thank you.

    • What was the film called. I am not Welsh but they would be upset about the implication that Wales is another part of England lol. It’s complicated stuff that I wish they’d all get over.

  2. “The Dig” on Netflix. “Another part of Great Britian”, then. i know enough not to include Scotland and Northern Ireland in “England.” Now have another for the list. History can be sticky

  3. Terrific post today, Alastair, thanks so much for taking us to your salt marsh on this winter day. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of life in both the sound track and the video, and was comforted by the gate sound and your sure steps in the soundtrack. I loved seeing all the beauty of ice and the textures, the raindrops in the water and that bubbly spot in the stream. The oak tree with the snow is espec. stunning. I, like you, cannot spend too many days indoors even in the worst of weather, before I have to bundle up and get out and breathe fresh air and be free. Truly enchanting presentation, thanks so much.

    • Thank you Jet. We don’t get much snow where we live and when it does fall, it also melts very quickly, making a slushy mess. But that still doesn’t stop me going out. Very pleased you enjoyed it.

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