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My Walk this Week – A Countryside Hike

Hike is an exaggeration for my walk this week but I was wearing my hiking boots which, with the hot weather we have been getting recently, was unusual. Though boots may make my feet hot, they are still much more comfortable to wear when climbing hills and crossing a multitude of terrains, than open sandals are.

country lane

So on my “hike” I crossed the river, climbed the countryside lane and entered the holloway (or hollow way as it is sometimes written), to climb higher – all the way enjoying the wildflowers and lush greenery of the verges. Half way up the landscape opened up for a short spell and the wild flowers changed to foxgloves and a field full of buttercups and ribwort and clover and daisies and, I am sure, countless others.

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  1. What a joy this walk was, Alastair, along the country lane and Holloway. The ferns are so abundant, nice to see this healthy greenery. Beautiful paths and wonderful wildflowers too.

    • Thank you Jet. It’s one of my local walks and feels different every time – that is no doubt partly to do with me and the headspace I’m in as much as my surroundings. It’s good to be able to get to these places so easily from my doorstep as I am sure you appreciate.

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