Icy grass skirt

Clothes of Ice

The top end of the lake round which I walked last week seemed to be wearing a range of icy clothes. I suppose I might be forcing it a bit, but the idea came to mind when I took the shot below and thought this rock in the stream had a flouncy skirt look about it.

Flouncy ice

And then I saw the submerged half frozen grass at the edge of the silt pond and thought “Wow! What great effect.”

The last two shots in this short sequence are clearly not references to clothing, but I have always liked having fun with words and I think the film/TV references are fairly obvious – at least in the image titles if not in the images themselves. You need to be in the know of course, and by that I mean that the “spit” of land that juts out into the lake on its eastern edge is called “the finger” and although there is not much ice to be seen in this scene, trust me, it was still a very cold finger!

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