No Excuses – Photography and Memory

I have posted a total of 14 images of The Kelpies as part of my walk this week and that may well be too many for most of you. However, I have reviewed them sequentially on a number of occasions in posting to this blog and found that they serve me with a good memory. There are aspects of our visit to The Helix, specifically to see these sculptural installations in the Scottish landscape, that I am pleased to have enhanced by the images. The fall of changing light as the sun began to set, the details of pattern and reflection in the structures and a hint at the true scale of the work in relation to myself and the surrounding landscape.

So for those who read these posts as well as those who only look at the images, I make no excuses for the number of photos of these magnificent horses and recommend that if you get the chance, they are worth a visit.

The Kelpies

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  1. I have been enjoying your photos of the Kelpies. It’s great to be able to see them from different angles and with different lights. It anchors them in reality with all the details you’ve captured and it allowed me to feel as if I know them even though I’ve ever only seen photos of them. Now I really want to pay them a visit myself.

    • Thank you Allysse. Getting the balance right is always important so don’t go with too much expectation. Having said that, photos can never replace reality, just give you a different one.

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