Uplands landscape

Punctuated By Ice at The Waterside

My walk this week has been around the lake at The Waterside – Felindre and seems to have been punctuated by ice. Indeed, the whole language and grammar of the posts has been dictated by the freezing icy conditions.

Icy Punctuation

Influenced as I am by the things I see and hear around me, I look at the light and shade, the patterns and textures, and I wonder what it would feel like to touch, to run my fingers along some of the surfaces of frozen water, hard ground lightly dusted with snow or old reeds and rushes from last year as they poke through the semi opaque sometimes mushy looking surface of the water. I have to use my imagination for this because my fingers are already frozen to the core in this weather and even if the ice at the edge of the lake could take my weight, I doubt my fingers would be able to sense the full pattern of textures that my eyes tell me are there.

But as a visual artist I have often talked about visual texture and while I work in tapestry weaving, which is as much about touch as visuals, people in galleries are not usually allowed to touch the work being exhibited and therefore have to use their imagination with regard to what this textural medium might feel like.

Texture is to found in sound as well but this is another instance of having to use your imagination to find a sense of what the sound might feel like if you were able to touch it.

The Waterside – Felindre Winter Soundscape

The images below that complete my walk this week, and the sound clip above, describe (if you can imagine it) some of what I have seen and heard on my walk this week. When I stopped on my drive back over the uplands, the temperature and wild, bitter wind put my experience of icy coldness in the that Welsh valley into a different perspective. I guess that is to be expected!

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