platform 3 floor sign

Superbug or Pokemon on Platform 3

It’s not really a superbug or Pokemon on Platform 3 of course, but my walk this week around York railway station offered me a view of a number of different trains and this was the front of one of the local commuter versions. Looking at the face of the train on its own, I thought it had a distinctly cartoon character.

superbug or train

The train I was due to meet was to arrive at Platform 3, but search as I did, I could not find the platform . . . at first. The York station environment is very busy and it can be difficult to identify one thing amongst many. However, it was a bit like “not seeing the wood for the trees” and I eventually discovered signposts for the platform both underfoot and overhead.

The magnificent station clock may have been accurate, but unfortunately that doesn’t make the trains run on time and it was this fact that meant I had time to look around me and admire the repeating patterns of sight and sound.

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