York Station

My Walk this Week – Skeletal Station Architecture

My walk this week is at the end of recent travels and depicts the skeletal architecture and structure of York railway station and more. The rib-like structures of the station design are fascinating and while all the photos were taken on my iPhone, perhaps that forced me to be more selective about the views and angles of the images I took.

skeletal station ribs

I found myself unexpectedly with time to spare due to a cancelled train, and so, apart from exploring the station, I also went to York Art Gallery for a lot at this year’s Aesthetica exhibition. It was very interesting but many of the exhibits were in video form and therefore less immediate than those I have picked out below.

I had to take a shot of Peter Davies’ Google Cardboard paintings because I had already used the app in the exhibition and liked the irony. If you have a Google Cardboard device, then you can see the VR view of this corner of the exhibition by downloading the 360º image here. There is also a VR view of York station here and you can download the Android or Apple apps in the same place.


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