Walking Through the Gates

A recce walk through recently discovered woodland revealed a number of elements that can be very useful in the production of a StillWalk.

Gates, both the images and the sounds can, in the sequence of a StillWalk, provide a visual and aural way marker and in doing so, give a sense of progression. If the gates are of different design or in different states of repair, this too can be recognised as a way marker if the walk is circular, sending a message to the viewer that they are on the return journey.

There were several gates along the River Morlais leading into Troserch Woods. All were either of different design, at different angles, more or less rusted . . .

The sounds of the gates are also unique, though this is as much because of the surrounding conditions as the type of gate – here is an example from StillWalks on SoundCloud.

Exhibition Opening and Tag Along Days

The Sights and Sounds of the Countryside project exhibition opening, which took place last Wednesday, went very well – so well I forgot to get photographs! Never mind, the event was enjoyed by all who came and since then I have had a number of enquiries about the possibility of Tag Along days.

StillWalks Tag Along days would not be about production of a StillWalk®. The bespoke StillWalks produced through project work require greater input than would be practical on a tag along day.

Tag Along days would give a small group of individuals the opportunity to accompany me on a walk with their own cameras (and sound recorders) and discover some aspects of the approach to photography I take for personal use and for StillWalks production.

Field recording – there would also be the opportunity to experience environmental sounds through the high quality StillWalks field recording kit which in itself, can lead to better listening skills – this can be a revelation!

Watch the website for more information and if anyone out there is interested, please contact me.

Exhibition / screening

The seats are empty here but they had been full to overflowing!

StillWalks Project Exhibition

A Very Distinctive Voice

This bird has a very distinctive voice but I would need my bird expert, Martin Humphreys, to identify it for me.

I thought I was getting better at bird identification from their songs but it seems there doesn’t need to be much of a gap in practice for the knowledge gained to all go out the window.

Bird in Park

In Coedbach Park


Sundown in Coedbach Park

A Walk Through Marsh Grass and Across a Yellow Field

This post is pretty much just what it says on the tin!

Using the excellent RODE recording app for iPhone (though not their iPhone mic) I got, precisely, the sound of the wind in the marsh grass when out walking in the evening recently. I held the iPhone right in amongst the grasses which had the added advantage of muffling the sound of traffic on the motorway as well as stopping the rumble effect of the wind directly on the mic.

These field recordings on their own are not going to be for everyone but I enjoyed listening to the changing sounds of the grasses as the wind strength changed and find, as with the recording I do for StillWalks videos, that the sound does so much to help visualize the memory.

Marsh Grass

Marsh Grass

Yellow Field

Coastal Walk

Click the first image or play button to play the video and enjoy part of the Galloway, Scotland coastline.

Click the second image to enlarge.

Coastal Walk Spring

Rising with the Sun

I arrived at Penllergaer Woods at 4.45 AM last Saturday morning for a production day that took a little over six hours before returning to download the content of my cameras and field recorder. The day went well but I am still suffering from the midge bites I got for my trouble.

I started out with a preliminary scout around the valley floor and watched the sky lighten, the moon fade and listened to the birds wake up.

Here are some of the preliminary shots I got along with the dawn chorus.

Pre-dawn, Penllergaer Woods

Pre-dawn, Penllergaer Woods

Pre-dawn, Penllergaer Woods

Pre-dawn, Penllergaer Woods



Moon Reflection

Moon Reflection

Moon Reflection

Moon Reflection

At C Turn Left – the sound of dressage

On Tuesday evening I was doing some equestrian photography of a small dressage show at Clydach Riding Club.

The judges of the dressage sit in their 4×4 to watch the riders and blow their horn to indicate that the rider should start. Every time they do this I jump out of my skin. On Tuesday evening I was recording some of the sounds of the show. These include the background sound of traffic from the A4067 but this could never drown out the birds.

I am sure the judges had a laugh when, with my headphones on as they beeped their horn, I very visibly jumped. I have toned it down in this recording.

And for the field recordists out there, you can hear more on SoundCloud.

The equestrian photography can be found on PhotoShelter.

field recording kit

IMG_2989 IMG_2782 IMG_2777 IMG_3001

riding conversation

Woodland Walk

Watch the “Woodland Walk” video below, if you haven’t already done so, and enjoy Pont Felin Gât at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. It is in the Summer collection of StillWalks but the video title says Spring . . . it was late Spring and felt like Summer!

Below are the last available photos from the video. These are available for sale at the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

Buttercup Meadow National Botanic Garden of Wales

StillWalks – Lakeside Walk

Here is the video then, if you have not already watched it – Lakeside Walk.

Switch off your phone, put everything else aside and relax for 6.5 minutes to the sights and sounds of a walk alongside the lake at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

IMG_5846 IMG_5885

Wind and Rain

Yesterday gave us a return to the wind and rain as can be seen and heard in these photos and sound clips taken in my studio.

The metallic sounds are from the rusty metal I was photographing recently – see them on PhotoShelter.

rainy windy day

rainy windy day

rainy windy day

rainy windy day