Dew Drops in the Morning Light

Dew drops on grass and spiders webs in the early morning – an irresistible subject for photography.

Hill Mist Walk-8

Soon after taking photos of the dew on grass, I was presented on my walk with a spider web sporting the same phenomenon, and after that my eye was expectant of seeing more along the way. I was not disappointed.

The mist was gently lifting, at least at this altitude, and the wonderful mixture of sunlight and moisture was again presenting me with the most amazing scenes along with an aural backdrop of birdsong, farmyard cacophony and the distant motorway.

Landscape Aural Backdrop

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    • Thanks Barbara. I might have gone on this misty walk in expectation of webs like these but for some reason it didn’t occur to me. So I was taken by delightful surprise by the first one – magic

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