Beauty in Age

Maybe it’s just me but I find these dying daffodils still¬†hold their beauty. It is just different to when they were young.

Dying Daffodils


Early Morning Bluebells

The Bluebells are still in the shade here but they were out all over the place while we were in Scotland and they were ready and waiting for us when we got back to Wales too.

Scottish Bluebells

That Early Morning Mist

Sunlight was not the only element of the atmosphere on my early morning walks in Scotland. The sun had toy work at lifting the moisture in the air as well as lighting up the landscape.

These views are looking inland from Knockbrex Hill, Galloway.

morning mist

morning mist

morning mist

Clematis Montana Freda

Clematis Montana “Freda” – this was our compensation for not seeing so much of our Cherry blossom this year. Though the plant is not yet very extensive, it has put out its best set of flowers yet and is a great pleasure to see on the edge of our patio ūüôā

Photos courtesy of my iPhone 5c.



Life in the Garden

Someone was pleased to see us return from our Easter break! Misha spent two weeks in the cattery and was subsequently delighted to see us return so that she could enjoy the Spring outdoors instead of in confinement.

cat in garden

On Returning Home

Firstly I must thank everyone for the likes and comments made while we have been away. If  I have not done much liking or commenting on my first day back from our Easter break, I can only apologise. Things will gradually get back to normal over the coming days and weeks.

The thickening carpet of Cherry blossom petals in our garden confirms what we expected – i.e. we would miss a large part of the tree’s Springtime display while we were away in Scotland.

But we are not sad because we had a great time with mostly excellent weather and some very enjoyable walks. I will be posting some of my photography from our trip to NE England and SW Scotland as soon as I get the chance to process it.

The photo below was taken on my iPhone.

Cherry Blossom Petals

Another from the Garden – Amelanchier

This and yesterday’s photo were actually taken two weeks ago just before we went away for a break. We were hoping that they would still be here for us when we got back. The Cherry and the Amelanchier have got to be two of our favourites in the garden!