Botanic Beauty in Death

Swansea Botanic camelia

While walking around Swansea’s botanic gardens we came upon a substantial camellia. Being well through Springtime the shrub was completing its cycle, but I find as much beauty in the death of these flowers as in their wonderfully coloured life. We have one in our own garden and every year it is a spectacle to enjoy.Continue reading

My Walk this Week – Botanic Colour

Red tulips at Swansea Botanic Garden

My walk this week is perhaps less of a walk and more of a showcase. We had a slow amble round Swansea’s botanic gardens in Singleton Park on a day that was dry but could have been brighter. Well, I say brighter but I mean sunnier as there was plenty of brightness Continue reading

Forest Flower in June

This flower-to-be is a classic of the forest in June and if you don’t immediately recognise it without its colour, check out the patch of colour in the background as a hint or the other photos below. The sun and the colours are bright in June and with the forest in full bloom the light and shade is dappled.

June in the forest

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Kunsthuis Colour

My walk this week around the gardens at Kunsthuis Gallery in north east Englandnon a beautiful end-of-summer day revealed a lot of colour. After crossing one of the wooden footbridges over a small river, I carried on past a creatively arranged children’s play area and then through a tunnel-like path amongst some trees to discover a wildflower garden at the extremity of the property.

Summer Flowers

Stepping Down for an Overflow Drink

Walking along the southern end of Roath Park lake on my walk this week, I wonder if there is a particular attraction to this duck of the water falling down the lake’s overflow. Does it taste better than that in the lake itself? Perhaps it has a need for extra oxygen – who knows? It’s probably just a whim.

taking a drink


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Bouncing Balls and Babies – Sounds of the Park

If you were only to look at the images below, the scene in Brynmill Park, Swansea might appear quite tranquil, but the park is full of all sorts of sounds let alone the background ambience of the city. Bouncing balls and babies are just a couple of the elements to the park’s soundscape but I will be posting a more comprehensive edited recording of the sound landscape at the end of the week.

Brynmill Park, Swansea

Bouncing Balls and Babies

Unlike yesterday’s post, I can name at least a couple of the flowers in the photos below.

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My Walk this Week – Brynmill Park

My walk this week was taken on a day that held a number of meetings for me, not least the Swansea Walking Forum meeting in Brynmill Park. Having a gap between other meetings in the morning, I was able to take my camera and sound kit around the lakeside and found the place being well used during the school Summer holidays.

Brynmill Park

You can’t tell from these shots how well the park is used but perhaps the sound clip below will prove the existence of people (and traffic) in this city park.

A Sneeze in the Park

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Eating and Art

One of the places I wanted to check out on my walk around Corris was Stiwdio Maelor. It was closed when I was there but works of art were in the windows and as there is a long list of artists in residence for 2016 on the website, the artists may simply have been out and about in the mountain landscape. You can find out about the residency scheme for artists on the website and I am sure that any artists reading this that don’t already know of Stiwdio Maelor will be very tempted by it.

Whether artist or not, just round the corner from the gallery/studio is the local tavern to tafarn in Welsh. Imm sorry to say that it being first thing in the morning, I was not able to try it out but I heard good things from the owner of the hostel up the road.

Stiwdio Maelor - Liz Doyle

Stiwdio Maelor – Liz Doyle

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