Teasers 5 – A Network of Fibres

This is the final image from this short series and just about my favourite. This may be because of the weaving part of my life (see www. acmd.co.uk) and my enthusiasm for texture and fibre.

The image seems to loose some of its depth and become more a network of fibres on a more two dimensional plain, albeit with heavy texture. I’m not sure that the fact there is snow involved makes any difference either – the “fibres” would still be there without it, perhaps less defined by lower contrast.

I wrote “tangled fibres” originally but changed it to “network of fibres” because I realised that they are not tangled but have structure and direction, all feeding into the centre of the frame. I cannot say, now,  if this was coincidental or intentional – I suspect subconsciously intentional with my artist/weaver’s eye searching out the structures and patterns before taking the shot.

A Network of Fibres

A Network of Fibres

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