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My Walk this Week – Down to the Marshes and Marking Time

My walk this week returns to our local marshes. To get to the marshes I must first walk through the park.

ground cover

While I have featured this walking route on a number of occasions in the past, the photos below are all from a walk taken on 19th June this year.

I walk in many different places but, locally, there a number that I tend walk more often, partly because they are local but also because I love them. It is true that the weather and atmospheric conditions will always be different on the occasion of each and every walk, but it is also true that there are any number of features on the various routes that will be the same or very similar. However, that does not stop me wanting to photograph and record them – or perhaps I should say different aspects of those same features.

I have been trying (yet again) to figure out just what it is about photographing something multiple times that makes me want to do it. I present selected images and soundscapes on this blog but I do it for myself a lot of the time – many, if not most, are never seen or heard by others. I suspect it has something to do with time – not so much a means of controlling it as a way of trying to perceive it differently, more realistically, less linear. Now that’s a thought I don’t have the time to explore more deeply at this point in time!

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