Marsh grass

Crossing the Marshes

Having left the park on my walk this week across the marshes and down to the river, the wild flowers were out and the birds were singing in the sunshine.

There were the usual items of flotsam as well of course, brought up by the tide – that’s why these are salt marshes. The spring tides flood the area more or less each month and the result is a unique mix of grasses and herbs that give a special taste to the salt marsh lamb provided by the sheep further out on the Loughor Estuary.

Some of those special marsh wildflowers I like to see at this time of year are included here with a monochrome version of the ragged robin also going out on Leanne Cole’s photography blog post – Monochrome Madness MM 4-15 later this week. The theme is different on her MM posts at the start of each month and for August it is “Seasons”. The ragged robin is one particular wildflower that says “Summer” to me even if, as id often the case in July and August in Britain these days, the weather is not particularly summery!

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    • Thank you Amy – I gather from your comment that you clicked through to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness post. Is that correct? I enjoy posting to her MM theme and try to remember to do so each week, though sometimes I forget. Thanks again.

  1. I loved this walk through the salt marsh, Alastair. Your photos and words here paint a wonderful picture. While I always like the landscape and wilderness photos, the gate latch photo was a joy too. Very handsome hardware and latch workings.

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