My Walk this Week, Past Walks 3 – A Windy Wander in Dorset

Dorset thistles on a windy wander

My walk this week is from June five years ago and though that time of year could reasonably be called Summer, this was a very windy wander in Dorset.On visiting the area for a couple of days to see family, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of producing for StillWalks in a different part of the country. It wasn’t wet or cold and I don’t mind the wind, so off I went.

But if StillWalks videos are supposed to be calming and relaxing (mostly), this walk could be said to be close to the opposite. The wind, which you’ll be able to listen to in the soundscape at the end of the week, was strong and persistent.

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  1. I didn’t know your family came from Dorset – which bit? I’ve always lived in Dorset and my DNA probably matches those who lived on Pilsdon Pen in West Dorset. I’l take rain over wind any day, so unusually I won’t be listening to your soundscape this week!

    • I can’t say either my or my wife’s family come from Dorset by my wife has a close cousin who has lived near Chard for many years. They have a farm – it is a beautiful place full of ancient woodland. I cannot agree with you on taking rain over wind but as we have lived in Wales for over 30 years, that is perhaps not surprising Thanks for visiting

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