Wild Weather Walkers and Reviewing the Week 46

Reaching the end of my wild and windy walk between Southgate and Three Cliffs on the South Gower coast, like these other two intrepid weather walkers, I was huddled over and protecting my camera against the rain.

I have not created a full StillWalks video of this walk using a mixture of still images and video because I am not a great fan of hand held video and I have not had the time. However, the sequence of photos and the sound clip below can be viewed at the same time and if you are interested in the video I took on my iPhone during the walk, this can also be viewed at the end of this post.

Mixing video and stills is something I will continue to experiment with for StillWalks and if I can find the time I will probably work further with this walk in this way. In the meantime I hope you can enjoy all that I have posted this week and don’t end up too breathless or blown off your seat!


Wild Wind

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When playing the video I recommend you click the HD and full screen buttons.

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  1. It must have been a very windy walk!
    I like the video but it sounds like the wind was blowing harder than I can see on the shots – especially the earlier ones – which makes is a bit unsynchronised in a sense. But it still probably works better in this case with moving images than stills to render the feeling of the wind.

    • Well spotted Allysse. The sound recorded on the video was through my iPhone and was badly distorted as a result. The sound heard on the posted video was recorded on my fostex recorder with the shotgun mic and windshield. I say that for StillWalks videos, the sound is unique to the time and place of the walk and if you try to do the photography and sounds recording at different times, it just doesn’t work. So I think you have proved my point and this is the reason I didn’t actually produce a StillWalks video from all that I captured. I have done a windy StillWalks video in Dorset and the sound brings all it needs to to the still photos.

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