Wildflowers - thistle

Wildflowers – Pink

One could get argumentative about the recognition and naming of any colour – in this case pink. When it comes to wildflowers (or anything else for that matter) there is a huge range of tones, tints and shades lying between pinks and blues.

Wildflowers - red campion

I chose to go with pink for some of the wildflowers found on my walks during a holiday in south west Scotland because to me that is the obvious hue in the image above and some of the other images below. However, the flowers in these shots clearly include mauves, violets and blues.

Another factor that comes into play when describing the colour of an object is personal perception, and I don’t mean colour blindness. The differences we each see or perceive in a single colour may be subtle but it has become apparent over the years that there is a difference, which can on occasion cause some interesting or amusing, confusion.

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