Valley Walk 2 – Reviewing the Walk

hillside lane

Nearing the end of my walk this week, the second of my walks up Cwm Dulais on consecutive days, I am reminded how different this walk was to the one on the previous day (posted last week). I did not do any field recording on this occasion and so the soundscape below does not reflect the misty atmosphere. However, I didn’t want to leave without an aural experience so I have included an edit of another recent walk in the same place but on a much brighter day.

So remember, if you are listening to the sound file at the same time as viewing the images, the two environmental atmospheres are quite different.

So here is a soundscape for another recent walk up Cwm Dulais valley – it does NOT reflect the weather of the walk shown in the images below, but it’s a lovely one anyway. The birds are sounding happy and active and in the last 30 seconds the sound describes the wind as it blows through silent electricity pylons and then one of those pylons starts with its fizzling tickets noise. Check out last weeks walk soundscape to compare.

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