Yellow flowering broom

A Glimpse of the Past – Copperopolis Part 1c

Ending my observations on this first part of my walk around one of the old industrial sites of Swansea’s Copperopolis history, you only get a glimpse of that industrial past. The abandoned metal swizzle below is not necessarily a part of that past but it was there and made me think of some of the natural forms to be seen in the nature that is gradually taking over here.

abandone twizzle

The natural twizzles had in fact almost completed unfurled themselves in the new growth of yellow broom or green ferns growing out of the old brickwork and rubble of fallen or collapsing walls that used be part of the Hafod-Morfa Copperworks.

Swansea Museum Collections Centre is on the site of these old copperworks and is one of the most amazing places to wander around if you can arrange with them to do so. Swansea Museum is also a great place to visit of course but on the couple of occasions I have visited the stores for project work, I was blown away by the contents and atmosphere of the place.

The interesting thing about this week’s soundscape below is that although it starts with a passing aircraft, the backdrop for the recording is remarkable calm and quiet for a city. I think it is the result of this pocket of nature where industry used to be and which now absorbs some of the surrounding urban activity thus allowing the birds to communicate more comfortably.

Copperopolis Part 1 Soundscape

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