Tree Arrangement

Dorset tree arrangement

Found on my walk this week in 2012, this arrangement of trees on top a Dorset hill seemed ancient and magical. I enjoy the formal espalier arrangements of trees that we often create with fruit trees and I like the formal pattern of tree avenues in France, but this is something different again and seems like very typically English.That’s not to say you don’t see this in other places/countries, but I can only go by my own experience.

You can see in one or two of the photos below the presence of wind on this walk – it was powerful and you can hear it in the soundscape to be posted on Sunday.

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  1. I can honestly say that I’ve never seen trees that have grown in such a way, and if I happened upon them I would undoubtedly feel a sense of wonderment and magic. I do looking at the photos, let alone stumbling upon them!

    • Thanks again Wade – they are considered quite special here by the local community and although the undergrowth is less wild now due to woodland management, the trees have lost nothing of their magic and the bluebells really shine through in the Spring.

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