Monochrome Murray’s Isles

Monotone Murray's Isles

This fifth of my walks from the past (2009) features today on the view across the bay from where we stay for a couple of weeks at different times each year. The monochrome version of this image is my favoured one but perhaps also gives a sense of past times. The island was used by a sheep farmer in the past and the gabled of a small ruined house can be seen to prove it. Nowadays the island is a home to thousands of gulls who fly off on patrol (it seems) each morning and return in the evening.

Gulls are not the only birds to be seen in this place – indeed there are many, many varieties including some of my favourites like oystercatchers and curlew. The sounds of birdsong are always changing though, along with the weather, light and sea conditions. It is not a place where TV is used (or even exists) – the entertainment come from looking out across the bay and watching the weather and the wildlife, the sea and the sky.

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