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Eight Gates and A Churchyard

My walk this week included nine gates, not eight, but the gate to the old churchyard on my local marshes was open and so is not included in the soundscape below.

Churchyard gate

The old St Teilo’s churchyard is a fabulous place and the walk across the marshes, alongside the River Loughor is also a local route I enjoy immensely. If doing a linear walk rather than the circular route, I get go through all eight gates twice and I am sure many of my followers will already know how much I enjoy the sound of gates.

They are all included in my recording for this walk but appear at shorter intervals than in reality. One of my disciplines in editing the soundscapes for these posts is to restrict the file to 4 to 4.5 minutes long. I have not managed it on this occasion but as stated in the previous post, rules can be broken and sometimes that is the best thing to do.

If you can listen to the soundscape on headphones, you will hear more easily the subtleties of all the layers and textures of the place – but no worries if you can’t. In any case, listen out for the sounds of my feet brushing through different kinds of grass, the breeze blowing through the tall marsh grass (one of my favourite sounds), the various bird calls and warnings, the intricacies of nearby passing traffic, and of course the gates – each one has its own individual characteristics.

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