Ending the Year – A Walk in the Forest

Towards ending the year I am taking a walk through my records of approximately 150 walks through a local forest in the previous year (2015). Each day over the last two weeks of this year will represent the sights and sounds of one month during that time – on the two Sundays I will review the previous six months.

Today I am presenting a selection of images and a couple of sound clips from the forest in January 2015.

Forest in January

Some images were taken on my iPhone and some on my Canon DSLR. Some field recordings were made on my iPhone too and others on my little Edirol R-09 recorder.

January Forest Rain

January Forest Birds


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  1. Alastair, I thought I would point out that the first recording is the rain and the second is the birds. I also thought I should thank you for all those postings of yours that allow me to slow down, relax and listen!

    • Thanks very much, I’ve corrected that now 🙂 Thank you also for enjoying the posts I am so pleased that they do what they are intended to. I will use that as a quote if that is ok with you 🙂

    • That’s great, thank you. What name should I use – gjdwyer? Of course I will also include a link to your blog/site whenever I use the quote.

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