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My Walk this Week 131 – Sticks Shadows and Shapes

The sun created some interesting shadows on my walk this week along the beach in Swansea Bay. Light, as sculptor, had worked with the conditions left by the weather previous to the ebb of the tide. The materials were clusters of sticks and scattered individual twigs. The art created was both three and two dimensional and the one without the other would not, could not, have had the effect on shape and form that the specific conditions provided.

stick perspective

It was the clusters of sticks that initially interested me, gathered together as though they were abandoned nests. On noticing these and then an individual stick and its shadow, I couldn’t help but notice more and more of them. Looking from different angles gave me an interactive role in the creation of the shapes formed and this is relevant to me in my current work as an artist.

And I pleased to say that I have just received an Arts Council of Wales Research and Development grant to explore in more depth the audio interactivity I introduced to my tapestry weaving with the British Tapestry Group exhibition “Sound and Weave” which you can see here and here.

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